Proxy & VPN BLocker FAQ

What is is a simple, accurate and reliable API for the detection and blocking of people using Proxies, Tor & VPN servers.

Blocking Proxies and VPN's on all pages?

Although this plugin now has an option to block Proxies & VPN's on all pages, this option is not generally recommended due to significantly higher query usage, but was added on user request.

It is important to note that if you are using a WordPress caching plugin (eg WP Super Cache, WP Rocket, W3 Total Cache and many others), these will prevent the Proxy or VPN from being blocked if you are using 'Block on all pages' as the caching plugin will likely serve the visitor a static cached version of your website pages. As the cached pages are served by the caching plugin in static HTML, the code for proxy detection will not run on these cached pages. This won't affect the normal protections this plugin provides for Log-in, Registration and commenting.

Restricting a section of a page?

Anti Click-Bombing is a rudimentary form of preventing clicking of ads while on a Proxy or VPN, the specific Div class you can use to hide these is .

<div class="pvb-protect-div" > ... </div>

This will not work if a page caching plugin is used, just as Block on All Pages cannot.

I accidently locked myself out by blocking my own country, what do I do?

The fix is simple, upload a .txt file called disablepvb.txt to your WordPress root directory, PVB looks for this file when the proxy and VPN checks are made, if the file exists it will prevent the plugin from contacting the API. You will now be able to log in and remove your country in the Proxy & VPN Blocker Settings.

Remember: If you ever have to do this, delete the disablepvb.txt file after you are done! If you don't remove it, the plugin wont be protecting your site.

Privacy of my website users?

Proxy & VPN Blocker sends the IP address of visitors connecting to your website to the API to be checked for recent or ongoing Proxy activity or whether it is a VPN or Datacentre provider. This is necessary for the check to be made. No other information about your site visitors is transmitted to

The Plugin developer has no access to this information. Please refer to the Privacy Notice and GDPR Compliance pages for further information.