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Proxy & VPN Blocker Donations – offer

In an agreement with this WordPress Plugin is able to offer you a promotional discount on one year of the 10,000 daily queries plan if you donate USD$25.00 to this WordPress plugin – usual price USD$32.89, or 20,000 daily queries plan for USD$35.00 – usual price USD$43.89.

The current prices for the plans are Here. This offer does not currently cover higher query plan tiers.

Please provide the email address you signed up to when you donate so we can process adding this to your account with ASAP!

If you provide no account email address then unfortunately it will be considered a regular donation as it would be impossible to know which account it is for! Your email will only ever be used for this purpose.

You are not limited to only using your API Key with the Proxy & VPN Blocker WordPress Plugin if you take advantage of this donation offer!

Thank you for your support!

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Donation Total: $25.00

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