Proxy & VPN Blocker feature overview

Blocks Proxies & VPN's

Blocking Proxies and optionally VPN's was never easier. This Plugin protects Login/Registration, Admin Area, Commenting and Pingbacks by default but can go further!

Blocks Countries / Continents

Using IP Geo Data this plugin is able to block selected countries and/or continents from accessing the site in addition to Proxies and VPN's.

Detection Sensitivity

Granularity on how sensitive you want the IP detection to be, you can check whether an IP had an active proxy on it within a range of one to sixty days.

Restrict Specific Pages/Posts

You can specify pages & posts you would like to restrict on in addition to the protections listed, If there's a particular page you want to hide from Proxies and VPN's you can do this!


You can edit the blocked message shown on the default page shown or opt to use a page within your site theme as the redirect page.

Block on All Pages

You can opt to block Proxies, VPN's & Countries from your entire site. This Plugin offers you multiple levels of control over how it protects your site *Block on All Pages may not work with caching plugins

Risk Score Compatibility

Supports Risk Scores for Proxies & VPN's. This is to allow certain Proxies & VPN's through if their risk score falls below your specified maximum.

Caches Good IP's

Visitors with good IP's are cached by the plugin for 30 minutes but you can set this to be between 10 and 240 minutes. This is so they are not constantly rechecked. Bad IP's are not cached and get rechecked.

Cloudflare & TLS Support

Sites that use Cloudflare and can also communicate with the API using Transport Layer Security (TLS). Both are easy to configure in your Dashboard.

Current Version: 1.6.8

Release Date: May 22nd 2020

Made for

Proxy & VPN Blocker has been designed to fully support all API features provided by and with ease of use from within your WordPress Dashboard.

  • Free users without an API key

    100 Daily Queries

  • Free users with an API key

    1,000 Daily Queries

  • Paid users with an API key,

    10,000 to 10.24 Million+ Daily Queries